About company


The Closed Joint-Stock Company UKRMOTO is the management company of Mashholding. The Mashholding comprises seven companies:

  2. OJSC Krasylivskyi Engineering Plant
  3. OJSC Olevskyi Plant of Tractor Normals
  4. OJSC Starokostyantynivskyi Plant of Forging Machines
  5. CJSC Krasylivagromash
  6. LLC Petrometal Krasyliv (Krasylivhimmash Subsidiary)
  7. OJSC  Plant  Tochmash

 CJSC UKRMOTO carries out the horizontal integration of Mashholding members for:

  1. the achievement of the holdings strategic objects,
  2. the employment of basic (profile) competences of separate members,
  3. the economies of scale, and
  4. economies of diversity.

 Industrial Structure of the Holding

The Companies of Mashholding carry on business in the following major directions:

  • agricultural engineering
  • machine tool industry
  • precision engineering
  • foodstuffs engineering
  • mining engineering
  • manufacture of tanks for oil products
  • iron, steel and aluminum casting and
  • manufacture of consumer goods.

 Mission of the Holding

The Mission of Mashholding for the period before 2010 is the development of the companies holding members by restructuring and the establishment of highly effective manufacture of quality goods in requisition.


Our Logos:

We expand our business directed to the end user.

We react innovatively to the rising demands of users for quality.


Strategic Purposes of Mashholding for the period before 2010 are:

  1. development of the holding companies
  2. accruing the value of companies
  3. generation of profit.


Two Major Strategies of Mashholding:

  1. The development and carrying into effect of concentrated growth programs for the development of the variety, nomenclature and quality of goods manufactured.
  2. The progressive horizontal integration for the expansion of Mashholding companies business directed to the end user.